Some Common Vitamin K2 Side Effects On Health

Vitamin K2 shares a lot of the same vital roles in the body as vitamin K1. ?It stops bleeding by making the blood clot and contributes to cardiovascular and bone health. Some studies show that vitamin K2 may help fend off coronary heart disease better than vitamin K1, although its ability still needs to be researched through more studies.

There are very few unwanted side effects associated with vitamin K2. In this article, I will reveal some of the vitamin K2 side effects on health, so you should keep your eyes on the nutrition facts and unwanted side effects you may experience when use vitamin K2.

Vitamin K2 Basics

When it comes to vitamin K2 side effects, you need to learn about the basics of vitamin K2 first. Vitamin K2 is the name for a group of substances that are also known as MKs or menaquinones. Each one in this group is distinguished by a number, such as MK7 or MK4. All of them, except for MK4 are produced naturally by bacteria in the large intestine as well as in fermented foods including yogurt, cheese and natto. MK4 is synthesized once vitamin K1 is converted into vitamin K2. You will also have a very small amount of vitamin K2 from meat, especially liver.

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List Of The Vitamin K2 Side Effects – The Worst Side Effects Of Taking Vitamin K2 In Life:

In the following section, we will have chance to discover some of the most common and worst vitamin K side effects on human health and know why you need to avoid these influences at all costs! Keep reading to not miss the interesting facts and knowledge about the usage of this vitamin!

1. Effect On Blood – Thinning Medications

One of the biggest vitamin K2 side effects on health is its potential to interact with blood-thinning medications. Blood-thinning medications work by inhibiting vitamin K. Suddenly increasing the vitamin K2 coming from any source, whether vitamin K2 supplements or vitamin K2-rich foods, may decrease the effect of blood-thinning medications. Cutting down on vitamin K2 may increase its effect. This unwanted side effect may seem more significant with vitamin K2 than vitamin K1. Even a small change in menaquinone intake may affect anti-coagulant medications.

When an allergic reaction turns up, vitamin K2 supplements are basically safe and non-toxic. Menaquinones may be metabolized with vitamin K2 differently than vitamin K1. For instance, vitamin K2’s effect coming from fermented foods on blood-thinning medications may last longer than vitamin K1’s effect.

This is actually one of the common side effects of vitamin K2 that you should know and try to be cautious when taking in vitamin K2 from any sources while taking blood-thinning medications.

2. Allergic Reaction

The both types of vitamin K are safe for most of the people. Most of them do not show any of the vitamin K2 side effects when they take the recommended amount of vitamin K2. A severe allergic reaction to this vitamin is rare. Get medical assistance at once in case you notice any symptoms of an allergic reaction, including:

Ÿ Itching

Ÿ Rash

Ÿ Severe dizziness

Ÿ Difficulty in breathing

Ÿ Swelling of the face, tongue and throat

This is one of the vitamin K2 side effects on health that you should know and try to consult with your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms as soon as possible.

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3. Some Side Effects In Newborns:

When taking phytonadione, which is known as an active ingredient containing vitamin K2, people may experience some unwanted side effects that need a medical attention. If any of the following unwanted side effects happen while taking phytonadione, consult with your doctor as soon as possible. With high doses of phytonadione, newborns may experience:

Ÿ Decreased activity or movement

ŸDecreased appetite

Ÿ Difficulty in breathing

Ÿ Swelling in general body

Ÿ Enlarged liver

Ÿ Muscle stiffness

Ÿ Paleness

Ÿ Irritability

Ÿ Yellow skin or eyes

They are common vitamin K2 side effects that you should know if you are giving this vitamin to your newborns. Do you want to discover other vitamin K2 side effects? Continue reading this entire article and then take into consideration when taking this vitamin from any sources.

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4. Some Rare Side Effects With Injection Only

In fact, these following symptoms are the vitamin K2 side effects on health that you should not skip out when you are trying to take in vitamin K2 from any sources.  

Ÿ Difficulty in swallowing

Ÿ Fainting or lightheadedness

Ÿ Fast or abnormal breathing

Ÿ Shortness of breathing

Ÿ Skin rash, hives and itching

Ÿ Tightness in chest

Ÿ Swelling of face, eyelids and lips

Ÿ Trouble in breathing and wheezing

5. Some Other Rare Side Effects

Ÿ Flushing or blue color or redness of skin

Ÿ Dizziness

Ÿ  Fast or weak heartbeat

Ÿ Increase in sweating

Ÿ temporary low blood pressure

They are some vitamin K2 side effects you may experience when taking in vitamin K2 on the higher doses. Although they are not common, you should not ignore them as well.

6. Some Minor Side Effects Without Any Medical Attention

Some vitamin K2 side effects may not require any medical help. When your body is used to the medicine, some of these side effects will be able to disappear. Your doctor can help you prevent or at least reduce the risk of developing these side effects, but check with he or she in case any of the side effects as I mentioned below continue, or if you want to learn more about them:

Ÿ Flushing of face

Ÿ Pain, redness or swelling at area of injection

Ÿ Skin lesions at place of injection

ŸUnusual taste

7. Recommended Daily Consumption Of Vitamin K2

This is the very last but also important vitamin K2 side effects that you and other readers of Nutrition Kit should know for good to find out the best ways to deal with this issue when the case comes! All you need to do now is just to focus on things we would like to introduce here and the signs and symptoms caused by the usage of vitamin K2 that you possibly have to experience when taking this nutrient at home or eating dishes or foods containing vitamin K2 in your daily meals.

The recommended daily consumption of total vitamin K from all of the sources is just 90 micrograms per day for women and 120 micrograms per day for men. In case you take medications or antibiotics to treat an abnormal heartbeat, remember that they can interact with the production of vitamin K2 in the large intestine. Also, you may have problem in absorbing vitamin K2 in case you take fat substitutes or cholesterol-lowering medications. Remember to consult your doctor in case you are not sure about your requirement for vitamin K2.

You must use caution when using vitamin K2 on the higher doses, I suggest 150 micrograms daily for adults if you are healthy and are not taking any medications. You do not need to worry about overusing vitamin K2. This is because a participant who has taken overdose of vitamin K2 for 3 years showed no adverse reactions.  However, it is advised not to overusing this vitamin.

In this article, I revealed some of the common or rare vitamin K2 side effects that adults or newborns may experience when taking vitamin K2 whether on the higher doses or when combined with other medications, so readers of Nutrition Kit should not skip out this interesting article, and then try to consult with a healthcare professional before you decide to take vitamin K2 on the higher doses. One more thing, if you know any of the other vitamin K2 side effects, please to share it with other readers by leaving your comment in the comment section below.

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