Top 20 Health And Nutritional Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic is commonly used to add flavor to many food dishes, but it has some impressive health benefits too. The key medicinal compound in garlic is allicin, which has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antioxidant properties.

In addition, garlic is packed with vitamins and nutrients. Some of these include vitamins B1, B6, C, as well as manganese calcium, copper, selenium and many others.

A little garlic every day can go a long way in helping you to protect, as well as boost, your health. To reap the most health benefits from garlic, eat it in its raw state. Cooked garlic loses a significant amount of its medicinal qualities. Plus, to increase its efficieny as a natural antibiotic, eat garlic on an empty stomach.

Nutritional And Health Benefits Of Garlic – The Best Advantages

Let’s take a detailed look at these health and nutritional benefits of garlic to promote health and appearance in the section of Nutrition Facts on Nutrition Kit site.

1. Improves Heart Health

This is the very first one out on the list of the best health and nutritional benefits of garlic we would like to reveal in the entire article today and you will make use for good!

Garlic is an excellent superfood for heart health. It helps improve blood circulation, lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease. It helps slow the development of atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries which increases the risk for a heart attack or stroke.

  • To improve cardiovascular health and prevent heart disease, eat 1 or 2 crushed garlic cloves daily in the morning.
  • You can also take this herb in supplement form after consulting your doctor. A daily dose of 900 mg of standardized garlic powder has been found to be effective.

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2. Controls Hypertension

Studies have shown that garlic also reduces high blood pressure, especially systolic blood pressure. Garlic acts as a vasodilator which helps to widen the blood vessels, making blood flow smoother.

People with high blood pressure must eat a few raw garlic cloves daily on an empty stomach. If you do not like the tate of garlic, drink a glass of milk after eating it. You can take garlic supplements, too.

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3. Reduces Arthritis Pain

Garlic has been shown to reduce pain and other symptoms in people with rheumatoid arthritis. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help reduce inflammation associated with various forms of arthritis. It also contains a compound called diallyl disulfide that helps limit cartilage-damaging enzymes.

To ease pain in inflamed and aching joints due to arthritis, include garlic in your regular diet. Preferably, take it on an empty stomach.

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4. Boosts Immunity

Another one among the best health and nutritional benefits of garlic you should definitely not skip at all costs is the power to boost immunity of this tiny yet super strong material.

Garlic is a surprisingly good source of vitamins C, B6 and the minerals selenium and manganese – all of which boost the immune system. It also enhances mineral absorption.

Plus, garlic has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that strengthen the body’s defence mechanism and fight infections.

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5. Treats Cough And Cold

Packed with antioxidants, a daily dose of garlic in your recipes could benefit your immune system. If a cold does sneak by, try sipping garlic tea: steep chopped or minced garlic in hot water for several minutes, then strain and drink. You can add a bit of honey or ginger to improve the taste.

Garlic offers antibiotic and antiviral benefits that make antibacterial properties make garlic a wonderful treatment for cough and cold. It may also reduce the severity of upper respiratory infections. In fact, this is also among the most amazing health benefits of garlic that we all can make use by adding this material to daily diet!

Plus, garlic also highly beneficial in treating various respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. It also promotes expectoration with coughs, making it irreplaceable for those with chronic bronchitis.

In addition to eating garlic, garlic supplements can be taken on a regular basis to reduce the frequency of upper respiratory infections.

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6. Fights Fungal Infections

Garlic has powerful antifungal properties that help fight fungal infections causing ringworm, athlete’s foot and jock itch. It also helps fight candida.

  • Apply garlic gel or oil on the affected skin areas. When dealing with oral thrush, apply garlic paste on the affected areas of the mouth.
  • Include fresh, raw garlic in your diet.

Keep reading to learn more nutritional and health benefits of garlic and how you can make use of this material at the comfort of your own home for good!

7. Inhibits Cancer

Garlic helps to prevent cancer, especially of the digestive system and lungs, while also prevents certain tumors from growing larger and reducing the size of certain tumors. The presence of allyl sulfur compounds in garlic can slow down the progress of cancerous cell growth.

Regular intake of garlic is important for those who have a family history of cancer to lower their risk of many types of cancer. Garlic supplements do not seem to be as effective in protecting against cancer as raw or cooked garlic.


  • Garlic can cause side effects like bloating, flatulence, gas, upset stomach, bad breath and body odor. If you have stomach or digestion problems, use garlic with caution.
  • It acts as a blood-thinner and may interfere with blood thinning medications.
  • It may block some HIV drugs.

8. Regulate Digestion

Garlic regulates the functioning of the stomach to promote digestion. It stimulates the mucous membranes of the stomach to produce gastric juices that aid digestion.

Garlic also triggers the liver to release toxins from the body, while at the same time protects the liver from harm. Do not eat garlic in excess though, as it may irritate the digestive tract and cause heartburn. This is in fact one of the most interesting and useful benefits of garlic that we would like to reveal in the entire article today and you should not skip at all costs!

9. Combats Allergies

Garlic has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that help the body fight different types of allergies. It also has been shown to reduce airway inflammation due to allergic rhinitis.

It is highly recommended that people with allergies take a daily garlic supplement during the allergy season. Applying minced garlic is a good option for rapid relief from itching due to rashes, bug bites or any other kind of allergy.

10. Cures Toothache

This is also a good one on the list of the best nutritional and health benefits of garlic that we want to reveal in the entire article today and you should make use right from now!

Garlic is also effective in reducing toothache, thanks to its antibacterial and analgesic properties. Simply put some garlic oil or a piece of crushed garlic clove directly onto the affected tooth and surrounding gum for instant relief. Keep in mind that garlic can be irritating to the gums.

11. Help Catch Fish

This is also a good thing among benefits of garlic for life that we cannot forget to mention in this article and encourage you to make use for good!

Fish are so attracted to the scent of garlic that you can buy bait with the smell built in. Or, get this benefit by making your own using food scraps and, of course, plenty of cloves.

12. Protect Plants

Garden pests don’t like garlic, so make a natural pesticide using garlic, mineral oil, water, and liquid soap. Pour into a spray bottle and mist your plants to keep away destructive critters.

13. De-ice your sidewalk with garlic

A town in Iowa used donated garlic salt to remove ice from roadways. Next time you stumble on old garlic salt in the back of your spice cabinet, save it for an icy walkway.

13. Work As A Natural Glue

Have you ever noticed how sticky your fingers get after chopping garlic? That natural adhesive quality is why some people use garlic to fix hairline cracks in glass. Crush some cloves and rub the juice on the crack, wiping away any excess.

14. Reduce Cold Sores

A popular cold sore home remedy involves holding a bit of crushed garlic directly on the cold sore; its natural anti-inflammatory properties could help reduce pain and swelling. Garlic supplements may also speed up the healing process

15. Keep Away Mosquito

This is also a great one out among the best health benefits of garlic that we would like to introduce and encourage all of our readers to learn carefully about and make use for good!

Scientists aren’t sure why, but mosquitoes don’t seem to like garlic. One study in India found that people who rubbed a garlicky concoction on their arms and legs weren’t bothered by the pesky buggers. Make a solution of garlic oil, petroleum jelly, and beeswax for a natural repellant or place cloves of garlic nearby.

16. Remove A Splinter

Placing a slice of garlic over the sliver and covering it with a bandage or duct tape has been a folk cure for years. As natural remedies gain in popularity, current bloggers swear this one works.

17. Control Weight

Garlic could help you control your weight, according to nutritionist Cynthia Sass, who cites a study that showed mice eating a garlic-rich diet reduced their weight and fat stores. To take advantage of this benefit, try to cook with garlic daily.

18. Psoriasis

Since garlic has proven anti-inflammatory properties, it could be useful in relieving uncomfortable psoriasis outbreaks. Try rubbing a little garlic oil on the affected area for smooth, rash-free skin

19. Clear Acne

This is the last one yet a very important thing to know among health and nutritional benefits of garlic that we would like to introduce!

It might not be a main ingredient in your drugstore acne medication, but garlic makes a great natural remedy to banish unsightly blemishes. Its antioxidants kill bacteria, so rub a sliced clove of garlic on the pimple for an effective topical treatment.

Make use of these health and nutritional benefits of garlic and you will be able to live a healthy, comfortable life than ever before. Have you experienced with any of the goodness mentioned in the article today? Do not forget to share with us in the comment section below.

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